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You do a great job.  All of our guests really appreciate what you do and that you do it so well. We really appreciate it.

Mary C.

You are amazing! Thanks again.

Kendall A.

Hi Paula, Thank you for supplying us with all of our baby items while we were visiting Isle of Palms this past week… we had a super time. Loved the area. Hope to make it back soon.

Evelyn B.

Hi Paula & Craig, I wanted to thank you again for being so kind and helpful last weekend. It was great to walk into the house and have the high chair and groceries all set up for us.

Elise F.

Hi Paula ~  Thanks so much for everything!  It was so nice to show up and have toys, a crib, and high chair for Addie w/o having to haul it with us!

Katie S.

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