How to Play Beach Putt Putt


1. Mark your spot with the bottom of the cup.

2. Use our included sand scoop to dig out a hole for your putting cup.

3. Place putting cup in the sand flush with top of hole. Fill in any gaps between cup and hole and pack with extra sand to create a tight fit.

4. Push on the Beach Putt ring around the top of cup. (make sure the top of the cup is not higher than the ring) 5. Put your flag in the middle of the cup (push from the bottom of the pole far enough so it is tight in the sand) and your ready to play! (for windy days, you can adjust the height of the pole by taking the flag of the top piece and putting on the middle piece instead) 


Place holes and flags 12 paces across from each other on a packed sand area free of debris.

Mark out of bounds area behind each hole (about 1 foot back from hole) approximately 6ft in length. (shown below)

Measure 1 putter length up from the out of bounds line on each side. (shown below) This will act as your “green” area.

Teams line up on either side and take turns putting 4 balls each.

***First team to 21 WINS!***


  • 1 Point on opponents green
  • 3 Points ball is touching the ring
  • 5 Points in the hole


Place holes and flags 12 paces across from each other on a packed sand area free of debris.

Putt your golf balls closer to the hole than your opponent. The first team to reach 12 points wins the game(round) (must win by 2). A full match typically consists of 3 rounds.

Both teams start on the same side and alternate putting 4 balls each.


  • Points are scored by who is closest to the hole
  • Only one team scores once points are determined
  • Shot made in the cup is 5 points. If both teams make a putt, they cancel these points out. Points on the sand are still calculated.


No packed sand for putting? Not a beach day? No Problem.

Grab your wedge and lets go! Just throw down one of our Beach Putt rings, push in the flag and play the above games chipping style, or create one of your own! You can even use our flags in your backyard to chip to.

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